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At WatchMe we love a good laugh but making sure we’ve got the right information for you to make good choices about the shows you watch is something we take seriously.

As you’ve been having a gander around the site you will have seen icons like these. These are our content classifications and are an indicator to you as to whether the content in the show you want to watch is appropriate for the kids or better suited to the adults. Here’s what they all mean:

  • G – suitable for all
  • PG – Parental guidance – some scenes may be unsuitable for young children
  • AO – Suitable for adults (18yrs+)
  • R18 – Explicit and challenging content

Got a problem with the classification?

If you feel like we didn’t get the classification right let us know, tell us why and we will take another look.

Just drop us a line at and tell us what the show was and why you think it should have another classification and we’ll review and respond to you pronto.