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Are you having trouble with WatchMe? Check out our frequently asked questions for troubleshooting help and if you're still having problems fill in the feedback form below and we'll see what we can do to help.


I'm having trouble playing back shows - freezing/stuttering/buffering
If you're having issues with slow or interrupted playback you might want to try one of these:
- Make sure your internet browser is up to date with the latest version
- Make sure you have no background programmes or downloads running at the same time (they could be eating up your bandwidth)
- You might also want to check your broadband usage for the month and that you haven't gone over your data cap.

If you're still having issues drop us a line using our feedback form below. Be sure to let us know the following:
- Which browser you're using
- Your ISP
- Whereabouts you are located
- What device you were viewing on

I'm getting a message when I try to play content saying I'm geo-blocked
Some of our shows have to be restricted to playback in NZ only due to our rights agreements with the show creators. If you are in NZ and getting this message check that you don't have a VPN turned on. If you still get the message drop us a line using the feedback form below.

What does WatchMe Cost?
Nothing. WatchMe is free.

What's the picture quality like?
We think the picture quality is pretty swish - we have HD quality adaptive streaming. The adaptive stream means you'll be able to watch at the optimum quality that your internet speed allows - so if it sucks you might drop to a lower bitrate but if it's great then you'll get 720p HD quality coming at ya.

What browsers are supported?
WatchMe is supported on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox & Safari as well as IE11 on desktop. On your phone or tablet WatchMe is best used with browsers on devices that support iOS 8+ and Android 5+.

What devices can I watch, WatchMe on?
The WatchMe website is optimised to display on your mobile and tablet device and unlike most other on-demand services you can watch our shows on our website on your devices without having to download a pesky app. Our shows can also be played on your big screen if you have a Chromecast device and Chromecast plugin on your browser or if you're using a mac and have an Apple TV with Airplay.

You can also view WatchMe on 4th generation Apple TV

As we expand our content offering we will also be expanding the devices we're available on - we'll update you in due course.