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At WatchMe we love a good laugh but making sure we’ve got the right information for you to make good choices about the shows you watch is something we take seriously.

As you’ve been having a gander around the site you will have seen our content classifications beneath our videos which indicate to you as to whether the content in the show you want to watch is appropriate for the kids or better suited to the adults. Here’s what they all mean:

G - Approved for General viewing 

G programmes should exclude material likely to be unsuitable for children. Programmes may not necessarily be designed for child viewers but should not contain material likely to alarm or distress them. 

PG - Parental Guidance recommended for young viewers 

PG programmes are more suited for mature audiences, but may be suitable for children subject to the guidance of a parent or other adult. Parents and caregivers are expected to monitor their child’s viewing of PG programmes. 

M - Suitable for Mature audiences 16 years and over 

M programmes contain adult themes and are directed primarily at mature audiences. 

16 - People under 16 years should not view 

16 programmes contain stronger material or special elements which are outside the M classification. These programmes may contain a greater degree of sexual activity, potentially offensive language, realistic violence, sexual violence, or horrific encounters. 

18 - People under 18 years should not view 

18 programmes contain themes which may be challenging or offensive even to some adult viewers

Where programme content is likely to offend or disturb a significant number of the intended audience, additional visual warning symbols must be displayed. These visual warning symbols are: 

C - Content may offend 
L - 
Language may offend 
V - 
Violence may offend 
S - 
Sexual material may offend

Got a problem with the classification?

Our classifications are based on the New Zealand Media Council's VOD Classifications code, however, if you feel like we didn’t get the classification and wish to make a formal complaint, you can do so by filling out the form on the Help & Support page or by writing to:

Experience Manager
NZME Radio Limited
Private Bag 92198

Complaints under the Code may be brought at any time whilst the VOD programme remains available on the service provider’s website. We will respond to your complaint as soon as practicable. 

If you are not satisfied with our response, you can refer the complaint to the NZ Media Council for further consideration. This referral must be made within ten working days of the date you receive our response.

Referrals to the NZ Media Council can be sent to [email protected] or by post:

NZ Media Council 
PO Box 10 879
Wellington, 6143