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Smokefree Tangata Beats Episode 1 East Coast (Tairāwhiti) - Studio Day


We are in the East Coast (Tairāwhiti) for the Smokefree Tangata Beats Studio Day! 

During the Smokefree Tangata Beats Studio Days bands meet with a mentor at a professional recording studio to polish their songs and performances. Doing the hard yards in studio with the mentor allows the bands to put their very best foot forward when they shoot their video submission for the finals.

The East Coast hopefuls are super lucky to be working with the amazing Annie Crummer. Annie is helping bring out the best in all of the musicians  by focusing on songwriting, performance and the inclusion of cultural elements.

One of the bands making the most of Studio Day is ‘Salem’ who have been participating in the competition for the past three years. We catch up with them and they let us know what’s different about their band this year.