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Smokefree Tangata Beats Episode 3 Tangata Beats - Christchurch - Studio Day


Off to Christchurch (Ōtautahi) as we go for our next Smokefree Tangata Beats Studio Day.

Our host Priya Sami is also our tutor today. She’s working with all the bands to tweak their performances before they make their Smokefree Tangata Beats 2018 submissions. Priya is working with the musicians on their songwriting, stage presence and the cultural elements they must include to be eligible to enter Smokefree Tangata Beats.

There are a few cultural elements that entrants must incorporate. They can choose from: Language- either Te Reo Maori and/or a Pacific language. Sound- showcase a traditional instrument from Aotearoa and the Pacific. Action- a traditional movement, dance and/or action from Aotearoa and the Pacific. Identity- use of a topic/ style/ flavour that reflects Maori and/or Pacific culture in Aotearoa.