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SmokefreeRockquest 2018 Episode 14 Canterbury Heats


It’s time for the Canterbury Smokefreerockquest heats and we are pumped because this region has produced some seriously big names in the NZ music biz.

Canterbury is home to our 1998 national finalist, none other than the legendary Anika Moa. Anika was signed to Atlantic Records directly after her national final performance and has gone on to achieve huge success and popularity. Not only is Anika a key fixture in the

NZ music scene, she now also has a thriving career as a TV host, some even describing her as the country’s best interviewer!

If we go even further back in Canterbury Smokefreerockquest history we unearth another NZ music icon- Bic Runga. Bic performed in the 1993 national final and similarly to Anika, was signed by Pagan Records immediately after her performance. Sony then signed her on for international release and Bic’s music career blossomed.

Keep our eyes peeled during this episode, will we find our next big Christchurch star?!