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SmokefreeRockquest 2018 Episode 9 Northland Heats


Today we’re at the top of the island looking for the country's top talent and we’re sure to find it here at the Northland Smokefreerockquest heats.  

Two years ago Northland band Alien Weaponry took out both the the Smokefreerockquest National Final as well as the top Smokefree Tangata Beats title, the first time one band has ever won both! The thrash metal trio took everyone by surprise with their fierce haka-style anthem, Rū Ana Te Whenua, which has had over a million views on Facebook.  They went on to sign an international deal with Napalm Records in Europe, which saw their debut album marketed and sold worldwide.

In this episode we meet Northland Solo/Duo second place winners No Credit and they share some great words of encouragement for anyone considering entering Smokefreerockquest.