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SmokefreeRockquest 2018 Episode 4 Otago Heats


We’re way down the bottom end of the country but hoping to find some top musicians at the Otago Heats!

Last time we had a National Winner from Otago was in 2001 when Carriage took out the top prize. That name not ringing any bells? How about Die!Die!Die!? Yip, that’s right Carriage renamed as Die!Die!Die! and have been killing it on the music scene ever since, they even released their sixth studio album at the end of last year.

Just to continue the Otago name dropping, we also discovered Nadia Reid and Aldous Harding way back in 2007 when they competed together in the Otago Regional Final. It’s about time we unearthed some more hot talent in the region so keep your eyes peeled during the ep!