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SmokefreeRockquest 2018 Episode 20 Rotorua Finals


We are in Rotorua for one of the last Smokefreerockquest Regional Finals of 2018. We’re keen to go out with a bang so let’s see what Rotorua has to offer!

It was right here in Rotorua that we discovered our 2015 Smokefree Tangata Beats grand national winners Strangely Arousing. Their unique style of reggae-based, jazz-influenced sound has been a hit and the guys have been playing festivals and gigs across the country and abroad. Last year Strangely Arousing released their self titled, eleven track, first album.

In this episode we catch up with In The Resource Room, it’s their second year competing in the Smokefreerockquest and this year they took out the ZM People’s Choice award. They tell us about the unusual way that they booked their latest gig.