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SmokefreeRockquest 2018 Episode 16 Southland Final


The R’s are rrrolling down here at the Southland Smokefreerockquest final and so are the good times!

One of the biggest names to come through Smokefreerockquest from Southland is legendary drummer Darren Mathiassen. Darren performed in Rockquest in 1991 as part of the band ‘Juice’ and they went all the way to the national finals. Darren has gone on to huge success playing for the likes of Trinity Roots, Rhombus, Hollie Smith, Charlotte Yates, Iva Lamkum and Shapeshifter.

We catch up with the ZM People’s Choice winners ‘Quinto’ who also took out the Apra Lyric Writers’ Award. They tell us their plans for the future now that they are an award winning band!