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SmokefreeRockquest 2018 Episode 20 Timaru Final


We’re on the East Coast of the South Island for the Smokefreerockquest Timaru Final. The Theatre Royal is packed full of musical hopefuls, let’s find out who’s going to take out the top spot.

We found a national finalist here in the Timaru region just a couple of years ago when we met Joseph Balfe in 2016. Joseph is from little old Oamaru but since his success in Smokefreerockquest he’s been performing and competing in big international cities! He even went to Poland for the finals of a guitar masters competition where he competed against 24 older, more established players and managed to finish a very impressive joint ninth place.

In this episode we meet NOKIT, one of  two bands who won the ZM People’s Choice award. They tell us what they’ve learnt from competing in Smokefreerockquest and what they’ve loved about the competition.