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SmokefreeRockquest 2018 Episode 10 Waikato Heats


Our journey around Aotearoa leads us to the mighty Waikato for another exciting round of Smokefreerockquest heats.

Grammy award winning musician Kimbra hails from the Waikato and was just fourteen when she placed second in the Smokefreerockquest national final in 2004. The region also produced our first ever female winners ‘Handsome Geoffery’, featuring Anna Coddington, way back in 1998. It’s fair to say some epic female talent has come out of the Waikato and we are excited to hunt for more!

Naamah Cheiban enters the heats this year for the first time as a solo artist. We catch up with her and find out how her experience compares to the last three years when she competed as part of a band.