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SmokefreeRockquest 2018 Episode 12 Whanganui Regional Final


We’ve found ourselves in Whanganui for the next Smokefreerockquest final. It has been sixteen long years since we’ve had a national winner come from the region so it must be about time we had another!

‘The Have’ were the Whanganui band who took out the overall title back in 2002, interestingly, the year before they won Seth Haapu was their lead vocalist. Seth has spent the last seven years mainly working behind the scenes producing for the likes of  Maisey Rika, Rob Ruha, Sons of Zion and Teeks. This year he has stepped back into the spotlight and even opened for James Blunt in May to rave reviews.

The Whanganui final attracts artists from all the surrounding regions including Ruapehu, Taumarunui and Martin, we think this is why we find such an eclectic mix of talent every time we’re here.