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The Hits Sam Wallace Shares The Heartwarming Reason He's 'Happy To Be The Villain' On CTI


Sam Wallace has been playing a hard game so far on Celebrity Treasure Island – and well, he’s ended up coming off as a little bit of a villain. But Sam the reason he is fighting so hard for the $100,000 of buried treasure is because of a special personal connection he has with his charity of choice, the Starship Foundation.

Sam explained that from a young age Beau has struggled with health issues and that Starship Children's Hospital has been vital for helping him through them. Beau then underwent a second heart operation, but because of the complications with his first operation, he was left with "black spots" in his brain and a stiff leg that he often has to wear a brace on. Now age six, Beau – who has overcome so much in his life so far - competed in his very first cross-country and "smiled the whole way around". Sam went on to explain that while he came in last, "the whole school was cheering him on".


Laura McGoldrick
Toni Street
Sam Wallace