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Local Focus A Tātau Kōrero: Makere Beale

In this series, we wanted to find out who are our people in Te Tairāwhiti 250 years after the arrival of Lieutenant James Cook and his crew on the Endeavour, and what are the things that make up our community including insights, reflections, views and opinions.​
For Makere, seeing unwell whānau was a normal thing growing up. Health issues that plague Māori were an everyday part of life for her. It was not until she realised that this was not normal, that she wanted to make a difference. Fuelled by love for her grandmother and the full support of her whānau, Makere set out to become a doctor and is now working as a junior doctor at Gisborne Hospital. Makere talks to us about her story and shares some insights from working in the health sector here in Tairāwhiti.