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Local Focus A Tātau Kōrero: Max Matenga

In this series, we wanted to find out who are our people in Te Tairāwhiti 250 years after the arrival of Lieutenant James Cook and his crew on the Endeavour, and what are the things that make up our community including insights, reflections, views and opinions.​
“More Than Hakas” is a phrase that Max and his whānau from Waituhi have used as their catchphrase and slogan for their kapa haka group Te Whānau-a-Kai. After a five-year break from the competition stage, the group is enjoying a revival.Max is leading them with a focus on community development and a focus on the collective strength found in the community. They use kapa haka as a vehicle to further the objectives of their people of Te Whānau-a-Kai.