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Messages from the Mosques Messages from the Mosques | Sara Qasem

My name is Sara Qasem. I am 24 years old, a high school teacher, a yogi, a language enthusiast, a sister, a daughter to my mother Siham, a friend, an animal lover, a mountain climber and trail seeker, a New Zealand citizen and Palestinian, and most importantly of all, the proud daughter of my sweet father, Abdelfattah Qasem. Last year on March the 15th, my father was violently taken away from us, through the hands of terrorism and hatred. Life as we knew it, was changed within the matter of moments. When I remember my father, Abdul (as his friends knew him) I remember a man of total courage and bravery, a man who could have left the rooms of the Al Noor mosque on one of the darkest days in Christchurch, but instead chose to stay to save his friends, not knowing that these moment would be his last. My father's legacy is one of love; the meaning of a true friend, a loving human, a kind husband and a nurturing father, a successful interpreter who was fluent in not only the languages of Arabic and English, but also in human connection. My father was love, light and joyful radiance, and he will forever remain that in our hearts. Our hero, our gentle giant and the marker of what it means to carry the purest sense of humanity in one's heart; a keystone to my heart who I will forever miss. Video / The Mosques of Christchurch