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Messages from the Mosques Messages from the Mosques | Siham Alsalfiti

My name is Siham Alsalfiti. I am the widow of Abdelfattah Qasem (Abdul) and mother of his three daughters Dana, Rawan and Sara. I am an ESOL teacher and a New Zealander of Palestinian descent. My husband sadly lost his life as a result of the savage terrorist attack in Christchurch, at Al Noor Mosque. We always remember him as a kind caring father, loving husband, and true friend. He was a real people person who loved helping others and was passionate about his career in interpretation and IT, in addition to enjoying working on the farm. He was proud of having a welcoming home where lots of kai (food) was shared with family members and friends. We and many others proudly remember Abdelfattah as a hero who had the chance to escape the mosque shooting, but he did not. Instead, he risked his life in hope of saving others. His leaves a legacy of love, care and support that will always remain in ourselves. He is in our hearts and the hearts of all of those who knew him. Video / The Mosques of Christchurch