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WatchMe is a free on-demand video service focusing on producing short format, 100% homemade New Zealand shows. Content that’s made by kiwis for kiwis. The platform launched in 2015 with great success and has become the premier destination for kiwis looking for good quality, funny and informative snack-able content. We have everything from comedy series through to news and sports videos all on one website.

What does WatchMe cost?

Nada. Nothing. Zero dollars will be needed to watch our shows. We don’t operate a subscription fee or a charge-per-view model – but as payment, it would be great, if you could tell your friends how much you love our shows. WatchMe is ad funded but don't despair, there's not many and we think we’ve got the balance right.

What devices can I watch, WatchMe on?

WatchMe has a beautiful responsive website - optimised to display on your mobile and tablet device and unlike most other on-demand services you can watch our shows on our website on your devices without having to download a pesky app.

What's the picture quality like?

We think the picture quality is pretty swish - we have HD quality adaptive streaming. The adaptive stream means you'll be able to watch at the optimum quality that your internet speed allows - so if it sucks you might drop to a lower bitrate but if it's great then you'll get 720p HD quality coming at ya.

Want to stay in touch?

We love things quick and easy which is why we love WatchMe.  So you want to find out when new content or shows are released sign up to our newsletter or like us on Facebook. It’ll be worth it!

For more information about WatchMe and to get in touch with us head on over to our Help & Support page.